Establishing Private Health Care Facilities in Developing Countries

This is a super guide for anyone looking to develop a hospital in the world's emerging markets.  

Our interview with Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu in the September 2009 issue of the PHM Emerging Markets Healthcare Monitor explained the why and how of this book.

The world's emerging market countries have too many empty buildings that started as good intentions and ended up as monuments to poor planning.
"Drawing on resources and lessons from across the World Bank Group and elsewhere, the book aims to provide medical entrepreneurs with some of the tools they need to build sustainable health care facilities, whether for-profit or nonprofit, for their communities. It offers guidance on key  issues such as the project concept, prefeasilibity and feasibility analyses, regulatory and policy environments, investment and financing needs, marketing and pricing principles, facility construction, staffing, and risk management."

The book is also available through the World Bank Info Shop.