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  • Top 10 Plus One Global Healthcare Trends
  • The Day After Tomorrow by Canuto & Marcelo
  • Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo
  • Establishing Private Health Care Facilities in Developing Countries by Osifo-Dawodu & Seung-Hee Nah
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PHM Briefs

Emerging Markets Healthcare and Private Health Insurance

This e-book is one of a series of briefings known as PHM Briefs. These briefings provide an overview of a particular segment of the private healthcare sector, particularly in developing markets.

This PHM Brief, Emerging Markets and Private Health Insurance explores this developing market. From regulatory reform in Central and Eastern Europe, to market potential in India, to takaful insurance, and much, much more, this PHM Brief is a perfect primer for investors and developers.

As the private sector continues to take on a more active role in the development and delivery of healthcare around the world, it is paramount that the key players expand their understanding of the advantages – and challenges – of private healthcare.

Topics of the PHM Briefs range from hospital development to private health insurance, to health IT, and more. The briefings are not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare sector, but do provide insight into an exciting, and at times confusing, industry.

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To order a copy of the PHM Brief "Emerging Markets Healthcare and Private Health Insurance" please click here. You will be taken to Amazon.com site.

Available PHM Briefs include:
The Future of Private Healthcare in Emerging Markets
The Growing Health Worker Shortage Around the World
H.I.T. and Emerging Markets
Hospitals in Emerging Markets
Medical Tourism and Emerging Markets
Pharmaceutical Companies in Emerging Markets
Telemedicine and Emerging Markets

Collectively, the PHM Briefs and more are available in the book, The Global Explosion in Emerging Market Healthcare.