Hank Kearney has been facilitating executive meetings, board retreats, knowledge sharing sessions, government trainings, and global events since 2002.

Noted here is a partial list of events facilitated by Hank Kearney:

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour: Macedonia Judicial Reform. 2015.
     Washington DC and Boston, MA.

•    Training & Team Building in Oil & Gas. 2015. Dubai, UAE.

•    Training Management: Project Management in Oil & Gas. 2014 Dubai,

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour. Macedonia: Fundamental Principles
     of Differentiated Case Management Systems and Introducing National
     Time Standards for Processing Cases. 2014 Washington, DC.

•    Knowledge Exchage and Board Retreat: Service: A Pension Fund’s
     Competitive Advantage. 2014 Melbourne, AU, Hong Kong, SAR.

•    Knowledge Exchange Tour: Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
     (PPRA) of Tanzania. 2014 Washington, DC.

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour: Macedonian Legal Professional
     Associations and Civil Society Organizations. 2013 Estonia, Sweden.

•    Knowledge Exchange and Board Retreat(s): Correspondent Banking:
     Banking for Non-Banking Poor. 2013 Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro,

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour: Macedonian Court Administrators
     and Staff. Study Tour 2013: The Hague, NL and Slovenia.

•    Knowledge Exchange and Board Retreat: Social Security Reform and
     Development. 2012 Mexico City. Board retreat and team building.

•    Training Management: Performance Management & Measurement.
     2012 Washington, DC.

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour: Macedonia Public Information
     Officer (PIO) Study Tour. 2010 Stockholm.

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour: Macedonia Court Administration
     2008 Dublin, Ireland.

•    Training: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Government
     Officials. 2006, 2007. New York, Wash, DC.

•    Knowledge Exchange/Study Tour: Macedonia Law on Courts – Court
     Book of Orders. 2006 Dublin, Ireland.

•    Knowledge Exchange and Board Retreat: Government Pension
     Reform. 2005, Kuala Lumpur, MY.

•    Training Management: Leadership for Senior Public Service
     Managers. 2003 New York and Washington, DC.

•   Training: Good Governance, Anti-Corruption, & Ethics for Government
     Officials. 2003, 04, 06. NY, Wash., DC