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BUPA - Asia Pacific Sell-Off on the Cards 

September, 2009 

BUPA, which operates Australia's largest private health insurance business under the HBA and MBF brands, is believed to be keen to offload the wealth arms because they lack scale to compete against market leaders such as AMP and AXA. 

We are not keen on close links between health insurance and life insurance operations.  Yes, there are times when different product mixes are a match, but not here. 

Along with the different functional realities between managing life and health risks, say reserve requirements and actuarial machinations, there are also differences in corporate leadership philosophy.  Let’s just keep it as simple as long and short term management. 

But we do often like when life insurance companies get involved with dread disease health insurance.  As we’re written several times in the past, the distribution models can be complimentary and supportive and the risk velocity is similar………….HK