• President, PHM International
  • Board Member:
  • Senior Advisor:
       Kilimanjaro International
  • Advisory Board
       School of Business, IRSC

Remarkable Meetings


  • Top 10 Plus One Global Healthcare Trends
  • The Day After Tomorrow by Canuto & Marcelo
  • Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo
  • Establishing Private Health Care Facilities in Developing Countries by Osifo-Dawodu & Seung-Hee Nah
  • And more Recommendations

Advisory Services

Clients retain Hank and PHM International to work with their leadership and management teams, including boards of directors, investment committees, and senior management.

Hank also is available to speak on behalf of clients at select conferences, industry meetings, policy forums, think-tanks and academia, and media.

Hank has been retained for stress testing, to act as a “sounding board” and  "on the ground" insight to the marketplace. He helps clients uncover market insights on an ongoing and time sensitive basis.

In addition, Hank conducts presentations for clients and typically spends a day meeting with their top customers and speaking at a dinner or lunch. This service provides clients, and their customers, with the independent perspectives about the geopolitical challenges and markets.